About US



MEMIGHTY Inventions Private Limited (MEMIGHTY) is an IoT Research & Development company. We solve real-time problems for Consumer, Industrial & Government Segments by developing Smart IoT products. We have excellent skills, expertise & hands-on experience in products & solutions that require Hardware & Software collaboration.

Our foundation stone was laid down in 2012 providing customized IoT Solutions to Industrial domain. As a result of quality solutions catering to a large customer base, we introduced our own brands of products.

Few of our products / brands include:

Our products attract a loyal customer-base because of the following salient features of our company:

  • We Develop Cost-effective solution
  • Offering Products that are scalable & have high customization possibilities
  • Dedicated Service & Support Teams
  • Wide product range
  • Ensuring High Security protocols, Industrial standards
  • Products Made In India & Made for Indian Environment

MEMIGHTY INVENTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED has a team of minds that is limitless. Our dedicated engineers and developers are top-notch in their endeavor, giving customers the value for their money. We solely believe that pushing several boundaries our people have made us reach greater heights to the moon and back.

Our key aspiration behind MEMIGHTY has always been providing unique products / solutions to the customer. Simply put, our business model is based on our inventiveness.


  • We have continuously dedicated R & D teams which ensure regular upgrades to our products
  • Our products have remote upgradation, remote fault detection & management capabilities
  • Our products operate on new & futuristic IoT technologies
  • We ensure all our products have minimum human dependency
  • Full-feedback solution
  • We develop visionary IoT products which can replace conventional, bulky, wired or analog systems


Our smart financial strategy helps us to manage our financial risks in Research & Development of products. Due to product uniqueness, we receive organic leads and point-of-sales is very quick. Due to articulate management, R & D of multiple products is possible with minimum people & resources; bring product in least time to market. This strength justifies MEMIGHTY INVENTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED’s steep growth.

We are able to achieve large scale commercialization of products due to presence of all teams under one roof such as:

  • Techno-commercial team to support channel partners & consumers
  • Supply Chain and Inventory managers for smooth supply & demand strategies
  • Operations and Project managers for handling various processes
  • R & D (Hardware & Embedded Software) engineers
  • Production engineers
  • Installation and Service engineers
  • Maintenance engineers
  • Channel Partners for local & global presence


We have been awarded with Excellence in Growth Led Business by Government of Gujarat for innovation. We are also a DPIIT recognized Startup in IoT category under the Government of India’s Startup India campaign. MEMIGHTY INVENTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED’s quality management systems are also certified under ISO 9001:2015 standards. Our inventions have been published in 130+ leading local, national & international News media.


We strongly believe that satisfaction and peace-of-mind of each person at MEMIGHTY INVENTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED holds a paramount importance in our culture. This ensures that excellent & true results are generated regularly. As deep-rooted in Indian Culture, providing every team member a family environment makes for a positive core team and reflects excellence in all our products.


Our company gives back to the society through the campaigns of LET’S MIGHTY with a motive to touch lives through our technology. LET’S MIGHTY is trying to motivate and encourage people to embrace technology for a better future. LET’S MIGHTY also empowers engineering students with knowledge-driven seminars & workshops

MEMIGHTY INVENTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED – “Where Ideas, Dreams & Passion convert to inventions!”